The International Racquetball Tour

The IRT Tour features some of the greatest athletes in sports hitting, climbing, diving, and chasing down a green ProPenn ball moving at speeds up to 200 m.p.h.! The pros reflect every style of play from the ultimate power player rocketing serves and killshots from everywhere in the court to the control artists using ceiling balls, precision passes, and court position to wear their opponents down. Throughout the course of one IRT event you will see everything the sport has to offer at the highest level in the world. The players will thrill, amaze, and entertain you, leaving you wanting more.The success of the IRT is based on the support of sponsors, clubs, tournament directors, and YOU, the racquetball fans. It is important also to understand that the IRT continues to grow in many ways due to the tremendous support and sacrifices of the professional players. They are not only great athletes but good role models who I hope you will enjoy meeting after the event.
Dave Negrete
IRT Commissioner

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